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The stone figure spoke harshly, "When I say no, I mean no. You could have been hurt." Muay Thai Lee Sin was indignant. He knew the gargoyle was just doing his duty and ensuring the safety of champions off-the-clock, but he couldn't turn his shins to iron if he couldn't kick all of the things. 487 RP
拳霸 李星 造型特賣 487 聯盟幣

The Blind Monk didn't flinch as Enchanted Galio's giant stone hands bound the wounds on his shins. He couldn't help but be a bit of a guardian angel. After all, he was made to protect. His wings fluttered happily as he tied the last wrap. He stood, and with no sense of irony, stuck one giant finger in the Blind Monk's face, "If I see you with one more bamboo stick, I'm gonna lock you up." 260 RP
夜行神龍 加里歐 造型特賣 260 聯盟幣

Floating along, he spotted Chosen Master Yi practicing with a crackling energy blade. "He should save that strength for a real fight," he huffed. "You could hurt somebody doing that." The master of Wuju didn't skip a beat of his training regimen as he told the gargoyle that he knew exactly what he was doing. Suddenly, he was whacking his sword against the gargoyle's stone skin. The Idol of Durand burst and Galio's stone hand snatched the sword. "You could hurt somebody doing that." 260 RP
天選者 易大師 造型特賣 260 聯盟幣

The gargoyle was frustrated. It wasn't an easy job keeping razor-sharp fighters out of danger. He thought to himself, why can't everyone be more like Mordekaiser? He's covered head-to-toe in armor; you'd barely have to keep an eye on him. 395 RP
金屬大師 魔鬪凱薩 限時特賣 395 聯盟幣

From his perch, Galio spotted Urgot. The gargoyle watched the soft, sewn underbelly of the Headsman's Pride shake as the resurrected general practiced his aim. Yep, a big hunk of metal right over that blubber would save his skin. Galio'd hammer it on himself if he had to. 395 RP
處刑者驕傲 烏爾加特 限時特賣 395 聯盟幣

On the other side of the hill was Jayce. Galio could appreciate this style of fighting. The Mercury Cannon holds Jayce's enemies at bay and a well-placed Acceleration Gate speeds his escape. Just as the gargoyle began to rest, he saw Jayce launch himself into the air and watched as the cannon transformed into a hammer. The gargoyle started towards Jayce, muttering to himself, "kids these days." 487 RP
明日守護者 杰西 限時特賣 487 聯盟幣


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