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第 1 篇 2013-01-22 11:25:12
  • Greetings, inferiors! I am Piltover Customs Heimerdinger, contraption conqueror, machinist maestro… egghead extraordinaire. I assume you all snapped up the online coupon … so let’s get cracking on some top-grade modifications to you and yours, hmm? Perhaps you’d like some nice little go-faster stripes for that ride of yours, or how about some turrets to go with those bling rims? Heehee! My services, as cranial as they indisputably are, are now yours for a meager 487 RP.
  • 改機天才 漢默丁格 造型特賣 487 聯盟幣

  • Now let’s see who we have here today, shall we? Oh ho – Hot Rod Corki! I’m afraid, my dear fellow, that there’s not much that even I could do for that monster of a machine. It’s a shame I don’t offer refunds, eh? 260 RP
  • 男子漢浪漫 庫奇 造型特賣 260 聯盟幣

  • Groovy Zilean! Get out! Last time you were here, you started hugging me during my workshop, removed my suggested modifications and replaced them with daisy chains and you tried to pay me with peace flags and kombucha. Out! 487 RP
  • 嘻哈精神 極靈 造型特賣 487 聯盟幣

  • Oh, thank goodness – a fellow man of science! Viktor, you should sit up at the front, and perhaps afterwards I could share my latest bucket seat designs with you, hmm? Maybe you have some augmentations of your own to suggest. 487 RP
  • 機械使徒 維克特 限時特賣 487 聯盟幣

  • Blitzcrank! You’d make a fine canvas for my latest exhaust system plans. Your machinery is ahem… basic, and your design a little crude, but with great flaws come great opportunities, no? Beep boop indeed. 395 RP
  • 蒸氣巨神兵 布里茨 限時特賣 395 聯盟幣

  • Zilean! What did I just tell you?! Look, you can stay provided you promise no more campfire sing-alongs. And no, I don’t want to go with you to the 60s. I don’t care how cool your friend Jimi is. 292 RP
  • 時光守護者 極靈 限時特賣 292 聯盟幣


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