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第 1 篇 2012-06-13 14:46:48
  • Renekton full of rage and love rampant slaughter. Mundo like his attitude, but budget cuts mean he can’t keep him. Buy him for 487 RP.
  • 沙漠屠夫 雷尼克頓 限時特賣 487 聯盟幣
  • Akali been smoking in office, but every time Mundo send management to stop her she disappears. Send her smoking area  for only 487 RP.
  • 暗影之拳 阿卡莉 限時特賣 487 聯盟幣
  • Twisted Fate show Mundo neat game with three cards. Mundo just have to find queen. Twisted Fate take all Mundo’s money, so now Mundo sell Twisted Fate! 292 RP and you can have him.
  • 卡牌大師 逆命 限時特賣 292 聯盟幣

  • Mundo R&D say that Gothic Orianna supposed to be ”state of art” technology. But all Mundo ever see her do is write sad poems. She bring Mundo down, so you buy for 487 RP.
  • 哥特魔偶 奧莉安娜的球 造型特賣 487 聯盟幣
  • Arctic Warfare Caitlyn spend too much time on eastern front. Now she talk about “people’s revolution” and “glorious proletariat.” That not good for Mundo’s bottom line! You buy her for 487 RP.
  • 極地狙擊手 凱特琳 造型特賣 487 聯盟幣
  • Mercenary Katarina show no appreciation for corporate culture. She just want money. Wait, Mundo want money too! Doesn’t that… no… it… okay, Mundo confused. You just buy her for 260 RP, make Mundo’s head stop hurting.
  • 賞金刺客 卡特蓮娜 造型特賣 260 聯盟幣


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