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Singed burn victims with hideous chemical concoctions. Also make good espresso. Possibly two are connected. Buy him for 292 RP.
瘋狂煉金師 辛吉德 限時特賣 292 聯盟幣

Ezreal obsessed with wanderlustno good with directions. That why he take four hours to come back with lunch order. Mundo give him to you for 487 RP
探險家 伊澤瑞爾 限時特賣 487 聯盟幣

Heimerdinger heading up R&D department for Mundo. He is certain nothing can go wrong. Even so, Mundo sell him to you for 487 RP.
大發明家 漢默丁格 限時特賣 487 聯盟幣


Mundo right. Something go wrong. Blast Zone Heimerdinger is proof. Buy him for 260 RP.
拆彈專家 漢默丁格 造型特賣 260聯盟幣

Mundo think Hired Gun Graves big-time stock broker. Instead, he actually carry gun. You can have him for 260 RP.
戰鬥傭兵 葛雷夫 造型特賣 260聯盟幣

Totemic Maokai deal with stock market voodoo in unusual fashion: with actual voodoo. He improve portfolio for you for only 260 RP.
圖騰樹人 茂凱 造型特賣 260聯盟幣

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