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第 1 篇 2012-04-24 11:47:38
  • Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. She carry big gun: hurt Mundo’s skin, but help his bottom line. Now on sale for 487 RP.
  • 執法者 凱特琳 限時特賣 487 聯盟幣

  • Graves, the Outlaw. Smoke Grenade make Mundo smell bad and foil office romance. He only 487 RP now.
  • 亡命之徒 葛雷夫 限時特賣 487 聯盟幣

  • Teemo, the Swift Scout. Mundo just find him darling! Now on sale for only 292 RP.
  • 迅捷斥候 提摩 限時特賣 292 聯盟幣

  • Amethyst Ashe glow bright, hurt Mundo’s eyes, but make for pretty arrows. On sale for only 487 RP.
  • 紫晶弓手 艾希 造型特賣 487聯盟幣
  • Cottontail Teemo in bunny suit for maximum cute! It burns! It burns Mundo with fluffy adorableness! On sale for only 487 RP.
  • 復活兔 提摩 造型特賣 487聯盟幣
  • Gangster Twitch look slick in pinstriped suit, though not as slick as Mundo in a double-breasted jacket. Available for 487 RP.
  • 黑道風雲 圖奇 造型特賣 487聯盟幣


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