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Joke Taunt Dance Laugh
性別 種族 熊族 故鄉 Freljord
Health 584.48 ( +86 / perLv ) Mana 270.4 ( +30 / perLv ) Attack 59.544 ( +3.3 / perLv ) Armor 26.38 ( +3.5 / perLv ) MagicResist 32.1 ( +1.25 / perLv ) HealthRegen 1.6184 ( +0.13 / perLv ) ManaRegen 1.6184 ( +0.13 / perLv ) Critical 0 MoveSpeed 345 Range 125
生命 攻擊 技能 難度
The unforgiving northern reaches of the Freljord are home to the Ursine, a fierce and warlike race that has endured the barren tundra for thousands of years. Their leader is a furious adversary who commands the force of lightning to strike fear within his foes: Volibear. Both a warrior and a mystic, Volibear seeks to defend the ancient ways and the warrior spirit of his tribe.

Though history recorded their once legendary feats in battle, the Ursine now lived in tranquil seclusion. The warriors were headed by a triumvirate of leaders who maintained a long-lived isolation, avoiding the petty affairs and conflicts of others. As shaman to the three, Volibear was a respected sage known for his insight. It was an era of unprecedented peace, but Volibear felt dread stirring within him. Prosperity was turning the tribe soft and weak, and many had long forgotten the sacred art of war. In time, Volibear felt the fire of their souls would be extinguished. When he revealed his misgivings to the triumvirate, they refused to listen and warned him to know his place.

Seeking wisdom, Volibear undertook a perilous climb to the peak of the Ursine's sacred mountain, a place forever shrouded in a thundering maelstrom. The eye of the storm was said to bestow portents, and legend held that the tempest would mark the next great chieftain of the tribe. As Volibear ascended the peak, he was struck by an unnatural bolt of lightning. When the shaman awoke, he was possessed by a horrific vision of the Freljord utterly consumed by darkness. Volibear saw an unprepared and complacent Ursine force slaughtered by terrible creatures of ice. In an instant, he knew his race would perish if they did not prepare for war.

Volibear rushed down the mountainside to recount what he had seen, but found the path blocked by three Ursine - the triumvirate. Knowing he would end the lasting peace, they refused to heed Volibear's warning and demanded his silence, by his word - or his death. Resolute and adamant, Volibear swore that the Ursine's very survival depended on his message, and launched into ferocious combat against the three. A terrible clash ensued, and just as Volibear succumbed to his opponents, he called upon the power of the maelstrom. Unleashing raw lightning, he struck the trio down with a thunderous blow. Stunned and astonished, the triumvirate beheld the sign of Ursine leadership: the force of the sacred storm.

Recognizing his foretold ascendance, the triumvirate appointed Volibear as the Ursine's new leader. His influence was swift and decisive: he roused his tribe from complacency, revived their battle-hardened traditions, and allied with Sejuani, the warrior who would fight with them against the coming evil. With time, the tribe grew lean and fierce, becoming known again as fearsome warriors of legend. Volibear and the Ursine now stand ready for the dark day that looms on the icy horizon.

''The Ursine cannot know peace without war.''

-- Volibear


綜合攻略 - 努力練等存IP
水晶之痕 - 據點攻略戰


參考攻略:[S6更新]可愛又暴力的萬用熊-弗力貝爾(Volibear) ( 作者:jerrychen7234 )


Rolling Thunder [Q]
Frenzy [W]
Majestic Roar [E]
Thunder Claws [R]
Chosen of the Storm [被動]
,待2等之後就可以開始給壓力,如果他想來吃兵就 →普A→普A→ ,你有 只要別太衝基本上不容易死。因為熊被圍毆時逃命困難,所以隨時注意敵JG動向,請維持河道草叢視野,避免被GANK。當對面一反常態衝過來換血時要小心敵JG可能在草叢等,如果有危險寧可龜,反正對面打不死你,專心農兵賺錢,等你裝備疊起來之後之後就換對面頭痛,總結一個建議,別死!別送頭!!別讓對面肥!!!熊前期是很軟的,切記。

JG:(1) →(2) →(3) →(4) →(5) →(6) →(7) →(8) →(9) →(10) ,11點之後同top。打野主 比較有效率,GANK一樣是4等,如果你想3等GANK就早些把 點出來。

sup:(1) →(2) →(3) →(4) →(5) →(6) →(7) →(8) →(9) →(10) ,11點之後同top。輔助最重要的不外乎插眼+拆眼+POKE+別死。但熊是進戰要POKE不容易,所以你就拆眼之後窩草叢,隨時盯著自己小兵的血,對面AD想上前撿兵就是你的機會,先點他一下嚇阻,通常他會退,如果他真的很想要那點錢,那就讓他付出代價吧!! + 配合己方AD給對面來一波,只要有殺到+己方沒死,接下來回家買眼插河道小心JG,後面就順了。
參考攻略:[S6更新]可愛又暴力的萬用熊-弗力貝爾(Volibear) ( 作者:jerrychen7234 )





順序、金額: 800→ 1000→ 650→ 1500→ 1000→ 1250→ 1830→ 1600→ 1500→ 1350→ 475→ 1750。
順序、金額: 350→ 400→ 1000→ 650→ 900→ 475→ 1465→ 1830→ 1250→ 1600→ 1400→ 1450。
順序、金額: 520→ 1175→ 765→ 850→ 1000→ 600→ 1830→ 1150→ 350→ 850→ 935→ 475→ 2150。

1. 是魔防裝,對面主攻手或Carry為魔攻時出。
2. :2/20改版後新的歐姆破壞者+生命、+魔攻、+生命回復及魔力回復,變成一個非常適合sup的裝備,當然在一般的情形是不太可能出到這件的,因為你需要
3.熊sup比POKE型sup更硬一些,所以中後期全地圖布眼時喝一罐 順便拆眼賺外快。




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