6300 270
Joke Taunt Dance Laugh
性別 種族 人類 故鄉 Demacia
Health 498.44 ( +83 / perLv ) Mana 231.8 ( +35 / perLv ) Attack 55.88 ( +1.66 / perLv ) Armor 19.012 ( +3.4 / perLv ) MagicResist 30 HealthRegen 1.0848 ( +0.11 / perLv ) ManaRegen 1.3944 ( +0.08 / perLv ) Critical 0 MoveSpeed 330 Range 550
生命 攻擊 技能 難度
The world is not always as civilized as people might think. There are still those who would follow the blackest paths of magic and become corrupted by the darker powers that flow through Runeterra. Shauna Vayne knows this fact well.

As a young privileged girl in the heart of Demacia's elite, her father tried to convince her of the constabulary's ever-vigilant eye. Young and naive, she truly believed that her world was one of perfect safety, until one night, when a twisted witch took interest in her father. The malevolent woman overcame her father's conciliar guard, then tortured her family before murdering them. The young Shauna escaped only by hiding herself and then fleeing once the hag had departed, plagued by the screams of her loved ones as she ran. A burning hatred was born in her that day, one that could never be denied.

Vayne was able to take care of herself using her father's money, and she began to train as soon as an instructor would have her as a student. By the time she was a fully grown woman, she had become a grim warrior. However, the fields of battle were not to be her home.

Demacia needed a protector, one who hunted those lost to the darkness. Shauna used her family's contacts to become the first Night Hunter, and now her prowess is legendary. It is said that those who practice the black arts quake when they hear that the Night Hunter is on the prowl.

Not all shadows are to be feared. At least, if Vayne has her way.


綜合攻略 - 努力練等存IP
水晶之痕 - 據點攻略戰


參考攻略:我大概重新更新了一下8/31 從s2末期 練汎練到S5末期 將近上千場經驗 到S6 已經不玩了 所以沒更新 ( 作者:love1133222 )


Tumble [Q]
Silver Bolts [W]
Condemn [E]
Final Hour [R]
Night Hunter [被動]

第一 主點Q 副點W 能調整失誤率走位較靈活但是傷害會有點不太夠 風險較低 安全性較高(作者我是用這點法)
第二 主點W 副點Q 走位不太靈活 但傷害足夠 是高風險
第三 主點E 副點Q OR W 高爆發 但是很少人用這點法吧 (除非機器人拉很準 例外) 走位要很風騷 E下去有撞牆 一套就有很大機率有人頭
但在S5這種情況下不可能會有機會給你主E 因為你主E下 你打會戰會非常辛苦
{後排小兵} W等級2就能3下吃掉
參考攻略:我大概重新更新了一下8/31 從s2末期 練汎練到S5末期 將近上千場經驗 到S6 已經不玩了 所以沒更新 ( 作者:love1133222 )


各位別以為汎出到殞落就出關了 並不完全出關 好嗎 各位!
在最終裝備 我的Vayne是雙攻速流派 因為雙攻速流派 不用這麼怕蘭頓之兆 因為就算你攻速被降下來 你還有1.7或1.8左右 我印象中是這樣 還有另一項優點是
你翻滾距離完之後 也會因為跑速有增高 因此會有造成滾遠的效果 對於放風箏很有效果
但是出颶風 我還會搭配冰錘 大家都明白汎是一名 單體高爆發的英雄
在這個環境之下 人人都有位移 又坦又痛 對於汎來講 是很難處理的 尤其是隊友罩不住時候 更是危險
因此 出颶風 萬一面對那些多數 衝你臉的 可以用芮蘭颶風箭﹝遠程限定﹞+冰霜之錘 幫妳瓦解掉 再來最後是配嗜血者
攻擊三名 吸取三名的吸血效果 對於死要纏著對你打 很有幫助!