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性別 種族 未知 故鄉 未知
Health 586.2 ( +90 / perLv ) Mana 5 Attack 60.04 ( +3 / perLv ) Armor 25.88 ( +3.5 / perLv ) MagicResist 32.1 ( +1.25 / perLv ) HealthRegen 0.8544 ( +0.08 / perLv ) ManaRegen 0 Critical 0 MoveSpeed 345 Range 125
生命 攻擊 技能 難度
On every wall of his den, the trophy hunter Rengar mounts the heads, horns, claws, and fangs of the most lethal creatures in Valoran. Though his collection is extensive, he remains unsatisfied, tirelessly seeking greater game. He takes time with every kill, studying his prey, learning, and preparing himself for the next encounter with the one monster he never managed to defeat.

Rengar never knew his real parents, but was raised by a human who was revered as a legendary hunter. He was an ideal pupil, intently absorbing the lessons of his father, and improving them with his uncanny feral instincts. Before his mane had fully grown, Rengar set off on his own and claimed a wide territory for himself. Along its perimeter, he mounted the skulls of his slain prey - a warning to would-be aggressors. He thought undisputed reign of a region would fulfill him, but instead, he grew restless. No beasts in his domain proved challenging prey, and without formidable adversaries to push his limits, Rengar's spirit waned. He feared that no worthwhile game remained, that he would never again feel the thrill of the hunt. Just when things seemed their bleakest, he encountered the monster. It was a disturbing, alien thing, distinctly out of place in his world. It bore huge scything claws and devoured any animal that strayed across its path. Overzealous at the prospect of a challenge, Rengar ambushed the monster in haste. It far outclassed anything he'd hunted before. Their fight was savage, and each suffered crippling wounds. Rengar lost an eye, but the most grievous blow was to his pride. He had never before failed to make the kill. Worse yet, the severity of his injuries forced him to retreat. Over the following days, he hovered on the threshold between life and death. He was wracked with pain, but beneath it, he felt a glimmer of joy. The hunt was on. If such powerful beings existed in the world, he would find them, and stack their heads high. The monster, however, was a kill he wanted to savor. On his den's largest wall, he reserves a space for the beast's head, a trophy he swears will one day be the centerpiece of his collection.

''Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live.''
-- Rengar


水晶之痕 - 據點攻略戰
大事記回報 * 英雄大事記補完中!


參考攻略:雷葛爾 -坦貓貓得新裝備可以玩玩!BY奇異貓 ( 作者:Kiwi5734 )


Savagery [Q]
Battle Roar [W]
Bola Strike [E]
Thrill of the Hunt [R]
Unseen Predator [被動]
潛伏殺機跳得好可以當跳跳獅 跳不好可以當ATMσ`∀´)σ

兇殘打擊主要傷害收人頭打野都好用 不主點一下嗎Σ(*゚д゚ノ)ノ

怒獅戰吼獅吼攻 打團跳進去吸收第一波傷害 吼一下又是一條活龍(來!在戰三百回合(メ ゚皿゚)メ

狩獵拋繩GK時丟一下 單抓時綁一下 落跑時往後一扔 嘿嘿 打我阿 笨蛋σ`∀´)σ

血性獵殺簡單說你得被動需要草叢 它讓整個地圖都是你的草叢 還多送你五層被動家跑速 哇!買一送二阿!d(`・∀・)b
參考攻略:雷葛爾 -坦貓貓得新裝備可以玩玩!BY奇異貓 ( 作者:Kiwi5734 )



軍隊長劍-餘燼沒錯!我得玩法是~半坦獅可以多15%生命 雖然被大砍一刀 但我認為還是滿好用得 至於紅色重擊可以以個人喜好換別得!

海神之斧﹝近戰限定﹞清兵 打野 或空中連技都很好用! I like it

疾行之靴忍者足具水星之靴鞋子阿 看對面吧 CC多的話早點吧五速鞋換掉


振奮盔甲女妖面紗這兩個可以互換 沒啥差拉

死者肩甲這是代替妖刀得 滿好用得

三相之力可以讓Q技能更痛一些 有血量 有跑速 很全面得一件裝備




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