450 70
Joke Taunt Dance Laugh
性別 種族 人類 故鄉 Freljord
Health 575 ( +90 / perLv ) Mana 283.56 ( +42 / perLv ) Attack 59 ( +4 / perLv ) Armor 26.38 ( +3.5 / perLv ) MagicResist 32.1 ( +1.25 / perLv ) HealthRegen 1.4 ( +0.16 / perLv ) ManaRegen 1.488 ( +0.1 / perLv ) Critical 0 MoveSpeed 350 Range 125
生命 攻擊 技能 難度
Sometimes bonds of friendship become stronger than even bonds of blood. When those bonds link a fearless boy to a fearsome Yeti, the bond becomes a force to be reckoned with. Given the responsibility of taming a terrifying beast, Nunu forged a friendship where others would have forged chains. Now Nunu and his burly pal Willump are an inseparable pair who combine youthful exuberance and brute strength with the mythical powers of the Yeti to overcome obstacles insurmountable to any ordinary duo.

Nunu had only the vaguest memories of his parents or the time before he was part of the reclusive Frostguard tribe. Never welcome among his caretakers, Nunu's wanderlust and compassion often put him at odds with the tribe's elders and the boy frequently dreamt of places far beyond the shadow of the Frostguard citadel. Sometimes he would do more than just dream, much to the frustration of his minders. This was never more apparent than when Nunu was apprenticed to the tribe's beastmaster and charged with the care of the creatures under his yoke.

The Frostguard held a menagerie of the Freljord's wildlife at their beck and call, but unique among their collection was the Yeti: an uncommon creature with mystical qualities and raw physical strength. The beastmaster taught Nunu that it was only a lean diet of plants and regular whippings that kept the vicious beast tame, but the more time Nunu spent caring for the creature, the more he learned that the Yeti was no feral monster.

As he saw his new friend Willump growing weaker and sicker, Nunu began to sneak the Yeti scraps of meat, hoping to restore his health. Day by day, Willump grew stronger and not the slightest bit savage - contrary to the beastmaster's claims. Nunu had hopes of convincing him that the Yeti posed no danger, but it wasn't meant to be. The next time Nunu came to deliver Willump a meal, he found the Yeti's cage shattered, with only a crude drawing inside signaling the Yeti's farewell. Without hesitation, Nunu rushed into the wilderness in search of his friend.

When Nunu finally caught up to Willump, he found the Yeti cornered by the beastmaster alongside a group of Frostguard warriors. Afraid that the men would hurt his friend, Nunu threw himself between the Yeti and the beastmaster's lash, but the brutal man would not stay his hand. As the furious beastmaster raised his whip once more, the Yeti swelled up with uncharacteristic fury. Even after so much mistreatment, it wasn't concern for himself but for the boy who'd shown him kindness that finally pushed Willump too far. The Yeti raged and left the man bloodied in the snow.

Terrified by Willump's fury, the remaining Frostguard warriors fled. Nunu realized there was no going back. He yelled at Willump to run before the men returned to kill him, but the Yeti refused to leave the young boy. Nunu was faced with a hard choice: abandon his sole friend and lead a life of captivity with the Frostguard, or strike out into the harsh wilds and leave behind the only home he knew. Nunu chose the only path that made sense. Leaping onto the back of the mighty Yeti, Nunu joined Willump in his great escape. The pair took their first steps into the wide world from which they had been kept for so long.

''Willump and I have a whole world to explore. Don't get in our way!''
-- Nunu



參考攻略:叢林中的冰冷殺手努努(AP) ( 作者:d109424 )


Consume [Q]
Blood Boil [W]
Ice Blast [E]
Absolute Zero [R]
Visionary [被動]
Q > W > E > Q > E > R

一開始我會先點Q技: 吞噬, 這是主要打野農兵補血用的.
而第二等選擇血之沸騰, 之後才E技: 冰雹

通長這時候你其實就可以Gank了, 但是效果不會最佳,
最好是你的隊友搭配的好, 可以一開始就E之後W隊友能輸出多少就多少.

之後等有了大決絕對零度就可以找機會好好的Gank. CD到就跑去騷擾.

我通常進場的方式, E > W 隊友(AD Carry最佳) > R緩對手, 檢人頭~ Easy, 整個場面都Hold住了. 如果血不夠, 剛好附近又有敵人小兵可以用Q來補一些血量稱.

Q技 吞噬: 努努的農兵跟打野的速度其實算很普通, 沒說快也不會慢, 吞噬是努努血跟農兵的來源.

W技 血之沸騰: 用來增加隊友的傷害, 通常會用在AD Carry主要輸出的人, 這樣可以讓他更順利的殺敵.

E技 冰雹: 搭配努努的法傷跟法穿裝可以讓E技殺傷力很強大, 而且又有緩速度的效果, 非常實用, 進場追敵的必備技能~

R技 絕對零度: 努努的大決就是以他為中心然後一個大雪圈先緩敵人, 秒數數完就大爆炸造成大量法傷. 別小看這傷害, 這傷害可已順間秒殺軟皮, 1/2坦的血. 有時候我會閃現進去敵人陣形放大 通常會玩得敵人都會閃現出去不然就是想辦法抵銷你的技能.

被動 法術幻想: 每打7次可以免費使用技能, 這可以省掉不少魔力.

在技能方面, 其實有點類似像阿姆姆這類的角色, 只要走位跟位置好可以一次死一批敵人.
參考攻略:叢林中的冰冷殺手努努(AP) ( 作者:d109424 )


起手有很多不同走法, 我通常是帶鞋子+3紅.
鞋子會增加努努在Gank的成功率, 而另外建議的起手裝是搭配眼,
這主要是要差在對面打野區. 努努在Anti-Jungle有優勢,
當然還有最傳統的布甲+5紅. 但這布甲不是拿來轉燈籠(要也可以, 但不是最推薦)

當你到3-4的時候就找機會Gank, 沒辦法就是回家買下個組裝的裝備跟眼.


主要裝備我選擇愛歐尼亞之靴水星之靴然後如果有多餘的錢可以買先知藥劑跟組裝女妖面紗, 女妖是為了讓你在放大決不會被斷至少可以抵銷一次敵人斷召技.


通常我會至少買一個坦裝或血裝, 看敵人哪類比較多.
畢竟努努大多時候要馬就是在敵人會戰中心點要不然就是保護隊友AP/AD Carry.

另外如需要更多的AP輸出可以選擇遠古意志死亡之帽這些. 只要你的招沒被斷, 敵人都會很火大 XD




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