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性別 未知 種族 魔法生物 故鄉 TheInstituteofwar
Health 572.2 ( +90 / perLv ) Mana 327.28 ( +46 / perLv ) Attack 63.544 ( +3.3 / perLv ) Armor 28.72 ( +4 / perLv ) MagicResist 30 HealthRegen 1.7356 ( +0.17 / perLv ) ManaRegen 1.4412 ( +0.09 / perLv ) Critical 0 MoveSpeed 335 Range 125
生命 攻擊 技能 難度
Maokai was once a peaceful nature spirit dwelling in an idyllic forest, but the arrogance of humans brought an end to that life. Now he is a gnarled shadow of his former self, twisted by dark magics that defied the natural order of life and death. Infused with power he never asked for, the mighty treant has become a vengeful force of nature, sundering his enemies with wild magic and iron-hard limbs as he searches Valoran for the means to restore the Shadow Isles to its former glory.

Before the Shadow Isles became a land of death, the islands teemed with natural life and beauty. This was never truer than in the isles' sacred forest: a paradise of thriving trees and countless species, both animal and spirit alike. When the king of the Shadow Isles ordered his sorcerers to crack open the barrier separating life and death, the forest served as a well of power the magi drank deeply from.

The sorcerers' ritual succeeded in corrupting the cycle of life and unleashing forces they could not hope to contain. Vitality seeped from every living thing in the Shadow Isles: great trees withered into gnarled husks, people warped into twisted shades, and forest spirits became hollow wisps. Maokai, the strongest spirit of the sacred forest, watched in horror as his world crumbled and died around him. He fought to mend the wound in the world, but could not halt the destruction wrought by human folly. As the ghastly energies sought to overwhelm the great spirit, he made one last desperate attempt to preserve the life of the land. Maokai inhabited the ancient oak at the heart of the forest's spiritual power. There he gathered the essence of the isles into the tree as the corruption of undeath clawed hungrily at anything within reach. Fortified by boundless magic, Maokai could not be consumed entirely, though the spirit was not left unscathed.

Maokai, now saturated with the essences of life and death, became fused with the ancient oak and contorted into an abomination. For ages, pain and grief were the only companions the spirit had. His boughs grew heavy as he wept at the desolation of everything he had known and loved, and his roots tore from the earth as he raged at the reckless sorcerers that had ruined his home. But all was not lost. Maokai had preserved the last vital spark remaining in the Shadow Isles, and with it, the hope of returning life to the land.

Like moths to a flame, the tormented shades of the Shadow Isles were drawn to the living essence within Maokai. The spirit guarded the seed of life from the relentless undead, but Maokai knew he could not fend them off forever. He needed to escape the land of death his home had become, so he cast himself into the sea and trusted in nature to guide him towards a living land. There he hoped to find the means to cast out the forces of undeath and restore life to the Shadow Isles.

Maokai --
''To defy the natural order has consequences.''


水晶之痕 - 據點攻略戰
大事記回報 * 英雄大事記補完中!


參考攻略:茂凱 - 心得分享 又坦又痛的守護者-茂凱 ( 作者:wsxzaq852 )


Arcane Smash [Q]
Twisted Advance [W]
Sapling Toss [E]
Vengeful Maelstrom [R]
Sap Magic [被動]
奧樹衝擊 可以用來POKE、擊退、緩速是同時擁有傷害又有CC的一招,而且攻擊軌道的寬度並不小,CD時間又短,所以主點這招能夠在短時間造成可觀的傷害
飛葉遁影 主要是用來對線上的一套和開戰的技能,所以可以留到最後再點

飛葉遁影 使用這招技能的同時,會是無敵的,所以與有CC的上路對線時,可以利用此技能做出對方意想不到的反殺。
參考攻略:茂凱 - 心得分享 又坦又痛的守護者-茂凱 ( 作者:wsxzaq852 )


布甲 先帶布甲就是來克制高傷害的物理角色,例如:雷玟、嘉文、伊瑞莉亞
水晶靈藥 這道具其實不常出,除非遇到遠距離或是高OKE的角色,例如:伊莉絲(這版本比較少見)、吸血鬼

時光之杖 這件裝備大部分我都會出以免在會戰中醬油,能加血加魔又有傷害,對茂凱是一件效益很大的裝備
振奮盔甲 我覺得振奮盔甲一直都非常的好用,可以同時有回復力又可以-CD還能有血量,當然這件裝備也不是絕對,但是十場九場都會出
日炎斗篷 這件裝備可以幫助茂凱洗兵,同時可以讓對面AD大男打你無力
瑞萊的冰晶節杖 對面擁有多位移技能,例如:劫、阿璃、克黎思妲,可以使他們緩速,才不會造成追不到、追不到的局面
蘭頓之兆 搭配 瑞萊的冰晶節杖會讓敵方知道蝸牛是怎麼走路的,可以緩速可以加血量又可以增加物理防禦,好蘭頓不用嗎?
黎安卓的折磨 通常出到這件裝備是對面出太多的魔法防禦但是通常會使用或深淵權杖 來取代
冰霜之心 對面如果都是AD傷害的角色,大膽的出這件裝備不用害怕
好戰者鎧甲 讓你可以在會戰坦的更久,此裝備的被動跟茂凱自身的魔法樹液 可以快速的回復血量,如果遇到蓋倫這種高回復的坦,可以讓他們知道誰是爸爸

寒冰霸拳 這件裝備我個人認為對茂凱的效益不大,雖然有緩速又能增加茂凱前期茂凱可能會缺魔的窘境,但是當你把此裝備出出來的時候,茂凱早已有了催化神石的增魔效果,後期的效益也不會比瑞萊的冰晶節杖來的大




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