3150 270
Joke Taunt Dance Laugh
性別 種族 人類 故鄉 TheGreatBarrier
Health 583.52 ( +89 / perLv ) Mana 400 ( +47 / perLv ) Attack 61.38 ( +3.5 / perLv ) Armor 26.048 ( +3.6 / perLv ) MagicResist 32.1 ( +1.25 / perLv ) HealthRegen 1.1 ( +0.1 / perLv ) ManaRegen 1.2 ( +0.16 / perLv ) Critical 0 MoveSpeed 330 Range 125
生命 攻擊 技能 難度
The only thing more important to Gragas than fighting is drinking. His unquenchable thirst for stronger ale has led him in search of the most potent and unconventional ingredients to toss in his still. Impulsive and unpredictable, this rowdy carouser loves cracking kegs as much as cracking heads. Thanks to his strange brews and temperamental nature, drinking with Gragas is always a risky proposition.

Gragas has an eternal love of good drink, but his massive constitution prevented him from reaching a divine state of intoxication. One night, when he had drained all the kegs and was left wanting, Gragas was struck by a thought rather than the usual barstool: why couldn't he brew himself something that would finally get him truly drunk? It was then that he vowed to create the ultimate ale.

Gragas' quest eventually brought him to the Freljord, where the promise of acquiring the purest arctic water for his recipe led him into uncharted glacial wastes. While lost in an unyielding blizzard, Gragas stumbled upon a great howling abyss. There he found it: a flawless shard of ice unlike anything he had ever seen. Not only did this unmelting shard imbue his lager with incredible properties, but it also had a handy side effect - it kept the mixture chilled at the perfect serving temperature.

Under the spell of his new concoction, Gragas headed for civilization, eager to share the fermented fruits of his labor. As fate would have it, the first gathering to catch Gragas' bleary eyes would shape the future of the Freljord. He blundered into a deteriorating negotiation between two tribes discussing an alliance with Ashe. Though Ashe welcomed a break in the tension, the other warriors bristled at the intrusion and hurled insults at the drunken oaf. True to his nature, Gragas replied with a diplomatic headbutt, setting off a brawl matched only in the legends of the Freljord.

When the fallen from that great melee finally awoke, Ashe proposed a friendly drink as an alternative to fighting. With their tempers doused in suds, the two tribes, formerly on the brink of war, bonded over a common love of Gragas' brew. Although strife was averted and Gragas hailed a hero, he still had not achieved his dream of drunken blissfulness. So once more, he set off to wander the tundra in search of ingredients for Runeterra's perfect pint.

''Now this'll put hair on your chest!''
-- Gragas



參考攻略:看了"AHQ"比賽時使用了JG酒桶 讓我好興奮啊! (尚未完成. ( 作者:qw1314523 )


Barrel Roll [Q]
Drunken Rage [W]
Body Slam [E]
Explosive Cask [R]
Happy Hour [被動]
開抓時 W先開 然後預備,用E撞到直接敲下去再補上一個Q。

Q點滿 Q過去4秒再讓他爆 可以馬上在Q第二次喔!
參考攻略:看了"AHQ"比賽時使用了JG酒桶 讓我好興奮啊! (尚未完成. ( 作者:qw1314523 )



打野刀   洪水   洪水
400G       70G  +     0G
因為酒桶 本身打野就是一個新的開始 都需要慢慢適應,雙紅水你一定夠用 千萬別一紅一藍 你會被野怪敲死 雖然你被動可以加血 但CD時間不夠你用。

打野刀 升級選擇:
打野紫 這件裝備是最推薦的,因為他重擊野怪時會回復15%失去的生命及魔力 這點好在哪裡? 好在 你快被野怪打時的時候 重擊補回來 或者 被對手追 跑到野怪區 重擊野怪 補血補魔逃跑 更是有可能去反殺他一波
其他打野裝 我之後在一一補上 謝謝.




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