1350 160
Joke Taunt Dance Laugh
性別 種族 不死生物 故鄉 ShadowIsles
Health 531.2 ( +90 / perLv ) Mana 265.6 ( +45 / perLv ) Attack 53.88 ( +3.5 / perLv ) Armor 26.5 ( +3.8 / perLv ) MagicResist 32.1 ( +1.25 / perLv ) HealthRegen 1.9648 ( +0.11 / perLv ) ManaRegen 1.6216 ( +0.12 / perLv ) Critical 0 MoveSpeed 340 Range 125
生命 攻擊 技能 難度
Evelynn's origins are shrouded in mystery - a mystery she herself helps to perpetuate. What everyone does know about Evelynn, however, is that she is one of the most skilled assassins in Valoran. It is clear upon first meeting her that she is not quite human. Some theorize that she was cursed with a mild form of fantastical vampirism as a child. Supporters of this theory contend that her ability to sap the very life essence of her opponents on (and off) the Fields of Justice, while still being able to tolerate direct sunlight, would account for this belief. There is some evidence that Evelynn originally came from the Shadow Isles - the mysterious island located northwest of Valoran that is eternally blanketed by a thick, unnatural fog. It is thought that the Shadow Isles are home to countless forms of undead, though no one seems eager to perform the exploration necessary to find out the truth. Evelynn neither confirms nor denies her connection to Shadow Isles.

The power brokers of Valoran know that Evelynn's services come at the highest of premiums, and her recent addition to the League of Legends indicates that her ambitions are growing. Her savagery on the Fields of Justice has been so great that new rumors about her origins are now circulating. The most popular one - an abuse of magic as a child morphed her into the hungering beast her opponents see on the battlefield - always makes her smile when hearing it... an act that bares her razor-sharp fangs and teeth. Evelynn now curries favor from League summoners, gaining influence for reasons known only to her. While the nature of her plans - much like almost everything else about her - remains unknown, there's little doubt that those plans are now set on the world stage.

''There is little mystery about her to me - she is the ultimate predator.''
-- Jax


大事記回報 * 英雄大事記補完中!


參考攻略:伊芙琳- 不可錯過的伊芙琳打野攻略 最後更新2014.11.22* 團戰篇 ( 作者:abc538801 )


Hate Spike [Q]
Dark Frenzy [W]
Ravage [E]
Agony's Embrace [R]
Shadow Walk [被動]
主Q副W 這點法對於伊芙琳不熟悉的人 可以多練

這套點法 是偏團戰
參考攻略:伊芙琳- 不可錯過的伊芙琳打野攻略 最後更新2014.11.22* 團戰篇 ( 作者:abc538801 )


主要裝備這三個出來之後 你的GANK能力會很好
很多人問我 為什麼不帶三相之力
因為 寒冰的被動 可以跟伊芙琳的Q配合 簡單來說 就是黏人黏到死

這種伊芙琳 要懂得應對進退
通常輕靈 蜥蜴長老 寒冰霸拳 出完 就要開始出防禦裝 依照對面AP多或是AD多來出

記得 伊芙琳是非常打團戰型的角色 可以騷擾 可以打帶跑 清野清兵能力更不在話下




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