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性別 種族 異次元生命 故鄉 IronspikeMountains
Health 467.6 ( +70 / perLv ) Mana 396.04 ( +50 / perLv ) Attack 51.376 ( +3.2 / perLv ) Armor 21.22 ( +4 / perLv ) MagicResist 30 HealthRegen 1.1148 ( +0.11 / perLv ) ManaRegen 1.2 ( +0.16 / perLv ) Critical 0 MoveSpeed 325 Range 600
生命 攻擊 技能 難度
Anivia is a being of the coldest winter, a mystical embodiment of ice magic, and an ancient protector of the Freljord. She commands all the power and fury of the land itself, calling the snow and bitter wind to defend her home from those who would harm it. A benevolent but mysterious creature, Anivia is eternally bound to keep vigil over the Freljord through life, death, and rebirth.

Anivia is as much a part of the Freljord as the never-ending frost. Long before mortals had ever set foot on the land's frigid tundra, she had lived countless lifetimes and died as many deaths. The beginnings and ends of her eternal cycle always heralded great change, from the calming of raging storms to the ebb and flow of ice ages. It is said that when the cryophoenix dies, an era ends; and when she is reborn, a new era begins.

Though Anivia's past lifetimes have faded from her memory, she knows her purpose: she must protect the Freljord at all costs.

When she was last reborn, Anivia witnessed the rise of a mighty and united human tribe. She guarded their lands with pride as they prospered, but such unity could not last forever. The great tribe fractured into three, and after that upheaval, Anivia watched the people of the Freljord become embroiled in battle. As she strove to calm the turmoil tearing her home apart, Anivia began to sense a greater threat: an ancient evil growing deep within the earth. To her horror, she felt the pure magic of the ice itself become blackened and corrupt. Like blood in water, darkness crept into the Freljord. With her destiny so tied to the power of the land, Anivia knew if such evil took root in her home, that same darkness would find its way into her heart. She could no longer remain a mere guardian - the cryophoenix had to act.

Anivia soon discovered an ally in Ashe, the Frost Archer. Ashe too believed in unification as an end to the Freljord's perpetual strife, and Anivia offered the tribal leader her aid. Now, with war on the horizon, Anivia prepares to fight for peace, but she knows the inevitable truth of her destiny. One day, evil will rise from the ice, and she must destroy it - no matter the cost.

''I am the fury of the blizzard, the bite of the wind, and the cold of the ice. I am the Freljord.''
-- Anivia



參考攻略:S6冰鳥神歸位 (會一直更新對線英雄 最後更新2016-01-13) ( 作者:yeung419 )


Flash Frost [Q]
Crystallize [W]
Frostbite [E]
Glacial Storm [R]
Rebirth [被動]
主R>E >QW平均升 W很重要W很重要W很重要
Q跟R會令對方有冰凍效果 這時用E打他會有加倍傷害
Q>E E>R 這樣打人超痛

限制走位令q命中 阻擋敵人進攻或逃走
中斷移位技能 (用牆撞移動中的英雄 時間要十分準確)
團戰時好好運用冰牆分開他們陣形可形成5打1 /5打2
或令敵人卡死不能動 很多時間就一個冰牆定輸贏
參考攻略:S6冰鳥神歸位 (會一直更新對線英雄 最後更新2016-01-13) ( 作者:yeung419 )


時光仗一定要出 不然冰鳥太小血了 主要都是這幾件裝

對AP出酒杯 對AD出水滴




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